Uma wants more kids

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Uma Thurman, star of Kill Bill and the perennial favorite Pulp Fiction has announced that although she is not currently pregnant she does want more children. Tongues were wagging over Uma having apparently gained a few pounds, which we know is a cardinal sin in Hollywood (heaven forbid!). Those tongues were convinced Uma was preggo.

Uma's new flame, Arpad Busson, responded that the extra poundage was from quitting smoking, not due to pregnancy. I've always heard that gaining weight after quitting smoking is a fallacy, but oh well--whatever.

In a recent Redbook article Uma professes that she'd like to add to her family, which already includes children Maya, nine and Levon, six, with former spouse Ethan Hawke.Says 37-year-old Uma, "...I asked the doctor, she tells me there's more time." Heck--37 is young by Hollywood terms!

Well, good luck, Uma! If it's more kids you want, then hopefully more you'll get. I just hope they're as uniquely beautiful as you!

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