When good husbands try too hard

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I adore my husband. He's a great partner and an even greater dad to our kids. But sometimes, he's so good, I just want to smack him.

Case in point: "We need to go to the store to buy some Valentines for Nate's classmates," I bellowed from my desk. "We'll just make them!" came the enthusiastic reply from the living room. Huh?

I started to get agitated. "Well, it's in two days. So when are we going to make them?" Fine, he wants to play Martha Stewart, but really, the best-laid plans always fall in Mommy's lap at midnight the night before. Can't we just make my life simpler by just buying them?

While I typed away, I heard construction paper being cut in the next room. I went to have a look. I found him painstakingly drawing robots (we are a family obsessed with robot love) with Crayola markers on each card. Well, perhaps "painstakingly" was over-stating it a bit. (See crude drawing, top right.) Then he asked me for slogans so he can personalize them. Oh dear.

The best I could come up with is "Be my Brobot" for the guys. Then I looked up robot valentines online for inspiration and came up with a few more. My husband handmade 24 valentines in total and made each one unique. It made me tired just to think about the effort.

I love him. I love that he can spend an afternoon drawing and saying, "Does not compute" over and over again, laughing at himself each time. I love that he goes that extra mile for his family. I love that traditions mean so much to him. But a small,dark part of me really wanted to throw my laptop at his head.

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