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Have you heard of this site? I hadn't until I started raving to the world wide web about how annoying home pregnancy tests can be. Turns out I'm not the only one who feels that way. Apparently Megan A. Clarke, the creator of website and, uh, tester, of all myriad kinds of pregnancy tests had much the same experience, and heard the same thing from other women with the same problem.

I found out about this site from ksmilligan who referred me there after reading about the complaints my friend had about not being able to read the friggin' test. Well, apparently no one else can either. It's all a crap shoot, honestly. That said, this site offers real pics of tests that were taken and offers up (humorous) commentary on the results.

Or, should I say, lack of results. The pics I saw reflected a gal who is not pregnant--but, heck, even THOSE are hard to read. The site recommends getting a digital pregnancy test, as did many readers who commented on the present dilemma. Those things are DARNED expensive, and you only get one per pack, so you can't screw up like with the three-packs of EPTs. Heck, with that you could have a slumber party and everyone could take one just for the hey ho of it all.

But I digress. This site, silly as it may sound and weird as it may seem to view the pictures of sticks Megan has peed on, actually has some pretty good information. Sure, a lot of it is opinion, but she seems to have done her homework--I mean the results are right there in front of you. I felt a lot better knowing that everyone else seems to have trouble reading those stupid things too. You might as well consult a magic eight ball for all the time spent trying to read some of those things.

Would I pee on a stick and then share it for all the world (or at least those interested) to see? Probably not. well, maybe for you guys. Those of you who want to, though, can. There is a sort of viewer mail section where you can submit your own hard to read--or perhaps if you're lucky, clear and blue (or pink)--picture of what happened when you peed on a stick.

My friend, by the way, took that sage advice and went right out to get that digital pregnancy test. Not so sure she's ready to share what the result was with anyone, but if she changes her mind I'll let you know.

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