School bans polka dots and stripes

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My husband likes to joke that I have 'easily annoyed syndrome.' I prefer the term 'highly sensitive', but crowds, whining dogs and rap music (among other things) totally stress me out and make me tense. I might be easily ruffled by some everyday sights and sounds, but this nursery school teacher in Sweden has me beat by a mile when it comes to being sensitive.

She finds multi-colored clothing unbearable to look at. She claims to get migraine headaches looking at stripes and polka dots and the school has bowed to her sensitivities. In order to make her comfortable at work, students at the school have been banned from wearing such clothing. If a kid comes to school in an outfit that is deemed 'inappropriate' , he or she is made to change into something less colorful.

If you think that sounds a bit weird, you aren't alone. Local official Weine Backman says, "As a politician I think it sounds a pretty strange to force pre-school children to have a certain type of clothing. We don't have such regulations in this municipality."

If I was a parent at that school, I think I would have to take issue with this as well. I don't doubt that this teacher truly has a problem with loud clothing, but perhaps she is in the wrong line of work. Can she stand the sight of a box of crayons? What about finger painting? Is that out, too? Really, should the needs of one person override the rights of all the others to enjoy some color in their lives?

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