The new Valentine's Day order

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It seems we have reached the conundrum that all parents reach. If we didn't have kids, Valentine's might still be an excuse to get romantic, make each other a card, have a nice dinner and sex that lasted longer than 3.5 minutes.

Now that we are tired parents of two, Valentine's wouldn't even be on our radar were it not for the excitement of a certain preschooler. After the marathon making of Valentines for his teachers and classmates, came the excitement of the actual day. My mother bought him a Gap shirt that says "Prince Charming" and he could not wait to wear it.

"I'm going to wear it and be a pwince mum. And then Jordyn's going to be a mermaid!" My son clearly has a crush on both Ariel and Jordyn, the most popular girl at his school. His Disney fantasy, while perplexing, is actually quite cute.

Last night, I heard Nate mumbling something to himself as he went through his dad's drawer. He had pulled out an old love letter from me. Then he said, "Dear Nadine, I love you." It made me smile, but also made me a little sad.

"Do you think your Dad will give me a Valentine?" I asked hopefully. "Uh, sure." came the uncertain reply. We of little faith.

At about 2 am last night, awoken by the sound of crying (as opposed to being awoken by desire like we used to) we turned to each other in the dark and laughed. "Happy Valentine's Day" we grumbled. "Meet you back here in five years." And off we went to deal with the two new loves in our lives.

But lo and behold, as I was typing this post -- who should walk in with cinnamon hearts and a single red rose? My prince charming.

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