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What happens when your kids get to be too old for the ubiquitous Snack Trap? What if, instead of plain old Cheerios, they demand ice-cold grapes or carrot sticks or perhaps cheese and salami? Well, it's time to move up. I spotted a nifty container that might just be the Snack Trap for the elementary school crowd and beyond.

The On the Go Snack Clip has two compartments and a reusable ice pack to keep snacks cool. It's about four inches across and an inch and a half high so it will hold about an ounce of raisins or a half ounce of cereal. It's available with a baseball, soccer ball, or princess motif and features a clip to hook it on to your belt or backpack.

Other than the choice of designs -- I'm not into sports or "princess-y" things -- this seems pretty neat. I think we may just have to order a couple.

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