Are you an eco mom?

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Green living starts at home. At least it does for a growing number of women who are considered "green moms" or "EcoMoms." These women are taking the future of the planet--the one their children shall inherit--personally. And, frankly, from the looks of it they might just get something done. For once.

Did you see that Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth? I knew much of what Al had to tell me--to tell all of us, especially Americans--before I sat down to watch. It still scared me more than any horror movie I've seen in the last ten years. Heck--it IS a horror movie, really more in the reality horror genre. Luckily, the horror can be stopped. The EcoMoms are on that track and they're not backing down--not when their children's future is at stake.

The EcoMoms throw ecoparties where they discuss ways to save energy, lobby for green building codes and how to eat locally grown food to cut down on the gasses emitted my trucks delivering goods from elsewhere. The EcoMoms also have an Alliance with over 9000 members. Having that many people on the same team combats burn out, which many people suffer when they face the challenge of saving the planet alone. According to one member, Kathy Miller, what once was eco-anxiety is now activism.

I think many people, parents especially, try to do their part. I use less water for showers, only use cold water to wash my full loads of laundry and walk everywhere I can. I also share some eco anxiety--I still haven't tried the G diapers, which are better for the environment than my Seventh Generation. I do use my car when the weather is bad--which, in New York in winter, is very often.

Still, we make a lot of our own baby food, take our lunches to work and are part of a real food coop. We recycle everything possible and try to use less paper, less electricity, fewer resources, when we can. It was much easier, in some ways, before we had a baby. Now in others way it is easier. I look at my son and think I don't want to make his life harder later because of mistakes I could've easily avoided making in the present.

I guess that makes me an EcoMom in training. I'm not a member of the Alliance or anything, but at least I'm on the right track. What about you--what kinds of eco-conscious things do you do as a parent that help protect the environment?

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