How can we keep our children safe at school?

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I read with sadness the recent stories in the news regarding the college shootings in Illinois. It is a very bad sign that kids in America cannot feel safe on a college campus and as a parent of a child who will be going to college soon, it scares me to death.

Yesterday, that fear spilled over onto my son's school campus. A report was made that a student had brought a gun to school and a student claimed to have seen it in his locker. This lead to a rumor to begin circulating that something had been planned for lunch and as the rumors spread, they got worse and the students became very frightened. The police were called, the students were searched and interviewed, and no weapons were found. The police searched the entire school and found nothing to lead anyone to believe that anyone had a weapon or that any students were in danger.

I am relieved that nothing bad happened, but this also upsets me. My son now lives in a world where he has to be afraid to go to school. Not too long ago, the worst thing I was afraid of was a tornado warning where we all had to sit on the floor facing the wall and cover our head.

Kyle has told me stories of kids who come to school bragging about taking drugs or owning illegal weapons. He expressed his fear to me yesterday about what to do if someone came into the school and began shooting people. I went over various scenarios with him and made several suggestions on what to do and how to protect himself. As our conversation continued, I couldn't help but get upset that parents now have to have these types of conversations with their children.

As a parent, how do we protect our children as we send them out into the world, not even knowing ourselves what new dangers will show up that day?

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