Potty Training Manual

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As if I didn't have my hands full trying to sleep-train a newborn, I'm also a potty training a three-year-old. My entire day seems to go like this:

"Nate, do you need to pee?"
"Um, no."
"Are you sure?"
"I DON'T have to pee!" Tantrum, tantrum.
"Not even for Spidey treats?"

Smile erupts on his face. He starts quaking with excitement. Stickers stopped working months ago. We've moved onto horrid gummy candies that come in Spiderman packaging.

"OK! Let's pee!"

Poop is another story. Some days are a success. Most days involve me washing crap out of Hot Wheels boxer briefs.
(Isn't being a stay-at-home-mom fun? Quick, how can I spin these skills into something more resume-friendly, so I can plot my escape?)

My blog pal Nicole has drawn this awesome potty training manual flowchart doodle that makes me laugh until tea comes out my nose. It hasn't helped with potty training, but it makes me feel better about how terribly it's all going.

How's potty training going (or not going) in your house?

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