Who's that girl?

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I really, really wanted my second child to be female. So when the doctors announced I had birthed a girl, I knew in an instant that she would never let me have my way again.

With my son, we had an instant bond in utero. I knew his gender and had a good sense of the type of person he would be. He made himself known to me with his kicks and a sense of his spirit. When he came out, he proved that my instincts were correct, giving me my first real taste of mother's intuition. He's still fairly predictable and easy to read.

But my daughter is mysterious. When she would kick me, I would look down at my belly in amazement, ready to tickle her feet. But Little Miss Mystery would quickly hide in some dark placental corner. Now, she gives plenty of smiles, but mostly keeps to herself. She will babble, but she's not interested in dialogue yet. When you think you have figured out the way she needs to be cared for, she gets wise and turns the tables on you.

She is devious. If her brother comes near her she shrieks like a kettle coming to full boil, as if to get him into trouble. If I am reading while I nurse her, she turns round and purposefully closes the magazine or book, then resumes to nursing. If I speak while she's nursing, she pulls away and turns to look at me with angry eyes that say, "No! Pay attention to ME now." If we try to wean her off a night feed by offering the pacifier, she pulls it out of her mouth, flings it out of the crib and screams as though we've insulted her intelligence.

I am obsessed in love with her feisty spirit and the fact that she knows exactly who she is and what she wants -- something she guards fiercely. I am slowly getting to know her, but it has definitely been a challenge. Somehow, the ones who play hard to get make you love them in a different way. She is my sullen 12th grade crush, keeping me on my toes, never letting me have the full dimensions of her love. And I am completely smitten.

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