Another day off

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So, today is President's Day and Ellie is out of school. Again. For reasons that are unclear to me, she was also off this past Friday (the calendar just says "no school"). In looking ahead on that calendar, I see that she has a week off next month for Spring Break, a Friday off in April for parent/teacher conferences, a day off in May for Memorial Day. That doesn't sound like a lot of days off until you factor in the days off she's already had off this school year and the grand total comes to sixteen, not including Thanksgiving and the two weeks she had off for Christmas.

Because I work from home and can pretty much make my own schedule, I look forward to her days off. But I know plenty of parents who don't have that luxury and all these days off create logistical nightmares. I understand the need for parent-teacher conference days and for in-service days so teachers can actually get some work done without the children around. But I don't understand some of the other days and wonder why there are so many. I don't remember getting so much time off as a kid. Does your child have lots of 'no school' days? If you work outside of the home, how in the world do you work it out?

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