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Do your kids ask about Presidents Day? Need some facts to feed their curiosity?

Well, you've come to the wrong place. For all I know, Presidents Day is the day I don't need to move my car to the other side of the street since the street sweepers are on holiday. Oh, and the banks are closed...and that's it. Thanks for dropping by!

OK, OK. I decided it was time to learn some facts about this under appreciated (re: boring) holiday.

1. Presidents Day is a federal holiday that was officially designated as the celebration of George Washington's birthday.

2. In the late 1980s, with a push from advertisers, the Presidents Day theme was expanded to include Abraham Lincoln's birthday, and often other Presidents of the United States.

3. The holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February.

4. In Washington's home state of Virginia, the holiday is legally known as George Washington Day. (Who needs YOU, Abraham Lincoln?)

5. George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and told his parents because he could not tell a lie. (Do you hear that kids? Lies are BAD.)

6. "President's Day" is a misspelling, since the holiday now celebrates more than one president.

7. This holiday has become well-known for being a day in which many retail stores hold sales.

Any interesting facts that I have forgotten?

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