Kate Hudson wants consent to photograph her child

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Like Julia Roberts and a growing number of celebrity parents, Kate Hudson is not at all comfortable with her son being photographed. As we know the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to any length to get photos of celebrities, and in a worrisome trend, their children, sometimes resorting to dangerous tactics to get them.

Kate Hudson, mom to son Ryder with former husband rocker Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, wants the government to pass a law keeping the paparazzi from photographing celebrity kids without parental consent. I for one am all for it. I have to give the daycare permission to take pics of my son--I had to sign something authorizing this. It's not an unusual request at all in schools or daycares to get written parental permission in order to have photographs taken of children.

Says Hudson, "It bothers me. It bothers my parents...it's aggressive, it's bizarre and it makes {Ryder} self-conscious." Kate's parents are veteran star Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson (although she was essentially raised by Goldie's partner Kurt Russell, whom she considers a father), who probably had to deal with similar issues when Kate was small. Nothing like the grand scale of what's happening today.

Frankly, considering the paparazzi will do whatever it takes, legal or dangerous or otherwise, I'm not sure what a law would do. I think if people stopped buying tabloid magazines filled with pics of these children the paparazzi would turn their attention elsewhere. After all, they get paid to take those pics, and the people paying them to do so are the ones responsible for these rag mags.

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