Cruz Beckham shows his dance moves -video

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Little Cruz Beckham, youngest son of soccer player David Beckham and Posh Spice Girl Victoria Beckham brought down the roof at Madison Square Garden when the adorable three-year-old busted out his break dancing moves onstage, even briefly spinning on his head.

The impromptu solo was so unexpected and charming, the group had to bail on the song because they were laughing too hard to sing, another bonus for the New York audience!

There's even a shaky YouTube of the whole thing, little Cruz doesn't get going until about 2:49 minutes in.

Besides getting a glimpse at Cruz's cuteness, I also really like seeing Victoria smiling and looking happy and proud of her kids instead of that perpetual scowl she always seems to have.

She's exceedingly wealthy, has what appears to be sweet kids, AND gets to sleep with David Beckham- why the frowny face?!

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