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Just before the holidays, we received a package containing That Baby DVD and CD: acoustic rock classics for kids and the grown-ups who love them. From the moment I popped this bad boy in the DVD player, my three-year-old was mesmerized.

The CD/DVD collection was created by Rob and Lisi Wolf, the mom and dad team behind the popular Jewish-themed OyBaby brand of CDs and DVDs. They seem to have the recipe down pat: take some cute animated graphics, add some pleasant images of families, throw in some puppets, some lip-synching kids here and there, and layer over a track of easy-to-like songs and gorgeous vocals. Ta-da! A great DVD that your kids (age 0-5) will enjoy that actually won't annoy the parents!

Though the DVD got pushed further back in the pile once Santa delivered mainstream favourites like Ratatouille, it does score high marks with my kid because "it doesn't have scawy guys." And we could all do with less "scawy guys."

On the other hand, That Baby CD is in heavy rotation on Nate's Lightning McQueen CD player. Chock full of soothing, folky hits, it's a perfect wind-down toward bedtime or naptime. (I dare you to listen to Stephanie Schneiderman's mashup of Donovan's "Happiness Runs" and Joni Mitchell's "Circle Game" without singing it for the rest of the day!)

Buy the DVD ($24.95), the CD ($14.95) or both together for the great price of $34.90, at

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