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Well, even though we are not on the "bloggers we love" list over at, we at ParentDish thought it was time to pay a visit to crabmommy, who of late has been predicting the future for mothers across the web. She provides a monthly "momoscope" to help moms out there get through life as parents.

As Astromommy says, "It's never pretty, but at least you know what lies ahead for you and your spawn." Her predictions are far from dire, and tend toward the humorous side of course, but they are far from sugar-coated.

Take Pisces for this month (that's me). According to Astromommy I will be found feeling guilty for stuffing my son's too big toes into too small snow boots. Of course he doesn't actually have snow boots, but I am sure I will feel guilty about something weather related, so I suppose she has a point!

Gemini has turned into a Flakemommy. Leo is pregnant (and taking a pregnancy test with clear results, no less!). Saggitarius has a colicky baby. See--there's something for everyone! I found these to be funny and in good fun, if not all that accurate (I know Leos who are not pregnant). But that's not the point, I think. Rather, that we're all in this motherhood thing together, so we might as well laugh.

This horoscope is almost as good as those Gap zodiac onesies I tried to get for my son the other day. Luckily--or was it in the stars?--the online store was out of his size.

Thanks for the tip from crabmommy herself!


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