Interfering with domestic violence and strange behavior

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In late summer, I wrote a post about domestic violence in my neighbourhood. Strange, animalistic screaming pierced through the walls and tumbled angrily down our cul-de-sac, and I wavered uncertainly between being really worried about the baby over there, to telling myself to mind my own business. In the end, I called the police and told them what I'd heard. If I hadn't at least done that, I don't think I could have lived with myself if something really...deadly had happened there.

Over the long weekend, there was another incident. It's a long, somewhat terrifying story and I'll spare you some of the description, but here are the bullet points:
1) The lady from the Dubious House across the street tried to break down my door with her shoulder.
2) Sobbing, she shrieked for me to call 911 because her baby wasn't breathing
3) Her baby, in a stroller outside my door, was in fact both crying and breathing.
4) Something unsettled me in the insane panic in the woman's eyes.

She ran across the street after muttering something about an ambulance coming, and I was left with my throat in my feet and my heart somewhere in my stomach. The police called me (they'd traced my information when I briefly called 911 as per Neighbour Lady's mad instruction) and I filed a report and I did all I could.

But all day yesterday, I sat wondering about that baby, if her Mom was a little unbalanced. I know something is not right at that house across the street. I also know that sometimes there is value in minding one's own business, particularly if there is a lot of anger, violence, and sporadic behavior involved. And I feel I became involved when this woman started bashing at my door.

What would you do?

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