Is Avril Lavigne pregnant?

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While you can't assume a girl is pregnant just because she walks into a baby store, it certainly does raise some eyebrows. Especially when the girl is punky singer Avril Lavigne and the purchases are rock and roll baby items like a cheetah print diaper bag and AC/DC tees. The camo pacifier she and her husband Deryck Whibley were seen purchasing in Los Angeles this week also seem to fit the rocker's style. Add it all up and include the fact that she was spotted hiding her midsection behind a large Prada handbag and you've got one possibly pregnant young lady.

In response to the rampant rumors of her alleged condition, 23-year-old newlywed Lavigne says she's finding stardom to be a lot like high school. She denies that she's pregnant and compares the celebrity rumor mill to what some of us endured during our teens. "Remember in high school when people would start fake rumors about you?" she says. "Well, this isn't high school; it's like, the entire world." Of course, when that rumor went around about me, it was true. So you just never know.

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