Brooke Shield's mother "disappointed" in celebrity daughter

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Brooke Shields' mother reportedly (and classily!) gave an interview to The National Enquirer complaining that Brooke doesn't have time for her and never brings the grand kids around.

Oh yeah, and her son-in-law is pretty crappy too!

"I don't see Brooke or my granddaughters much, and if they do come over, it's only for a little while and then they're gone," Teri told the Enquirer. "I wish I could see Brooke, but all she does is work. ... But (she) always makes time to visit her friends no matter how busy she is."

She added, "I'm often disappointed in (Brooke), like the times she snaps: 'What do you ever do for me?' That's what her husband tells her to say. I preferred Brooke's first husband, Andre Agassi, over Chris (Henchy, Brooke's current husband and father of her two daughters)."

To get a little historical perspective, I did a some research on Brooke's life and learned:

  • When Brooke was still an infant, Teri got the pretty baby in an Ivory Snow commercial.
  • She later became a child model for Eileen Ford.
  • Brooke starred in Pretty Baby, where the rumored-to-be-11-year-old-at-the-time Brooke played the role of a young girl living in a brothel, which included several nude scenes. Strangely, Susan Sarandon, who was playing Brooke's mother in the film provided Brooke with a nude-colored g-string so she wouldn't have to be completely naked during filming, rather than her real life mother.
  • At age fourteen, Brooke was on the cover of Vogue magazine and made the famous Calvin Klein commercial where she told the world nothing got between her and her Calvins.
  • Blue Lagoon was released when Brooke was 15 years old and she had to testify before Congress that body doubles were used for the nude scenes in the movie about cousins stranded on a deserted island.
  • Endless Love (where the director supposedly pinched Brooke's big toe really hard when doing a sex scene to fake an adult happy experience she had not yet encountered) came out when Brooke was 16.
  • In a 2007 interview with Life magazine Brooke said, " I left abruptly when I was 28. Growing independently of her (Teri) really changed my perspective. I have more empathy. I appreciate her more because she did shelter me from a lot, and she took the rap for it. But she's an alcoholic, and that affects everything. And she's very sad. We talk every day, but I have to draw a line. Or I get pulled back in."

It should also be noted that Brooke graciously forgave Tom Cruise for his idiotic televised theory that her stalled career was due to taking anti-depressants for post partum depression instead of using Scientology-approved method of magical vitamins and exercises, so clearly she has the capacity to overlook some serious transgression.

I don't blame Brooke for wanting to keep her daughters far from a drunk, crabby, grandmother willing to say bad things about their parents to the tabloids. Imagine the things that must be said in private at that house.

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