Campbell's to reduce sodium in kids soups

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Last night when Ellie and I went out to dinner, we had some chips and salsa for an appetizer. I noticed right away that the chips on the top had a lot of salt on them, so I dug underneath to find some less-seasoned ones. I also noticed right away that Ellie was deliberately choosing the chips from the top and giving them a good lick before she ate them. "I love salt," she proclaimed.

What she doesn't love is soup (or any other foods that are mixed together), so I've never really paid attention to how much sodium those Campbell's kid-marketed soups contain. You know, the ones with Dora the Explorer, Batman and other popular cartoon characters on the can? Apparently, they are loaded with the stuff, even after a 25% reduction made a few years ago. But on Monday, Campbell's Soup Company announced another 20% reduction in the sodium content of these popular soups, bringing the number down to 480 milligrams per serving. This move allows the company to market the soups as 'healthy.'

"Your kids can enjoy Dora the Explorer even more," said Douglas R. Conant, Campbell's president and chief executive, said in an interview. "They'll be down to heart-healthy levels."

Salt content is something that I've paid close attention to since my father's heart attack in 2003. His daily salt intake was drastically reduced after the attack and I became very aware of just how much salt is in everything we eat. I buy salt-free foods whenever possible and rarely add salt when cooking. Do you worry about your kids' salt intake?

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