Jessica Alba-TWINS?!

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Not only is the internet awash with either new or gestating babies as Kristin noted earlier, Hollywood is also brimming with bonnets and booties and yet another celebrity is said to be expecting a pair of babes instead of a singleton.

Jessica Alba might be gearing up to be the newest member of the Famous Mothers with Twins club that so far includes: Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, possibly Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez who should be having her babies any moment now.

According to a friend, "Knowing that she's going to have twins has turned Jessica's life upside down. She and (fiance) Cash have had to scrap plans for a one-baby nursery and start all over again." The friend also said the couple avoided finding out the sex of their babies so far and slipped out a due date: June 8th.

Twins always sounded like so much fun. Two babies! Double the cuteness and joy! And then there was that fateful trip when that I drove my pregnant self to the lakeside cottage of a girlfriend who had just had a pair of babies. I quickly learned that newborn twins means one of them needs something at all times.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my friend was nursing nearly the entire time I was there, while the rest of us (her husband, her mother-in-law, and me) took turns holding, diapering, walking, burping, cleaning and redressing the other baby until it was obvious THEY wanted to eat too.

I left the cottage earlier than originally planned due to complete exhaustion, rubbing my one-inhabitant-only belly in gratitude all the way home. Mothers of multiples amaze me.

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