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Last spring when I was laid up with pneumonia, I watched the entire first season's search for the "Ultimate Coyote" on CMT. (I know! Blame the fever.) Competing for a cash prize and a job at one of the Coyote Ugly saloons, a dozen or so young women entertained bar crowds by singing, dancing and slinging drinks while trying to impress Lil, the founder of the chain. There was one gal who wasn't the prettiest, or the best dancer, and who couldn't make a vodka tonic to save her life, but she stayed in the competition round after round because Lil said she had the ability to draw people into her. The girl had "GRAVITY."

Now, so do I. And I like to think that it isn't just because of my larger post-partum mass. Ahem.

My daughter Claire turns four soon. She has always been a mama's girl. She looks like me, talks like me, and shares my love of all things Target. I can't really blame her. I mean, I am pretty great.

However, since I returned home from the hospital with her little brother seven weeks ago, our closeness has taken on new meaning. These days, I can't take more than two steps without bumping into her. She's drawn to me. If I add the weight of the baby to my arms, she cannot. resist. the. pull.

When I nurse Gage in the recliner, she sits at my feet. When I change a diaper, she's there handing me wipes. Yesterday she ditched playing Barbies in her room to help me dust the living room just so we could be together. It's sweet, really -- until I try to actually get something accomplished or, heaven forbid, leave the house alone. Then, it's as if stretching her orbit out any further than a few yards will upset the very balance of the universe, causing an explosion visible from Mars.

I know it's just a phase. I know it has everything to do with us adding another little planet to the family solar system. I remind myself that the day will come, sooner than I think, when she won't want to hang out with me. One day she'll break free altogether and spin out into her own space.

Until then, we'll circle around each other, colliding occasionally until we settle back into a rotation that works.

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