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When we got up yesterday morning, we didn't think we would be able to see the lunar eclipse because the sky was overcast and it was snowing. In fact, we were worried about my in-laws getting home because of the weather and the chain requirements. So it was a big surprise to me when Rachel called to me to say she could see the moon, at about 6:30pm -- half an hour before the eclipse was to begin in earnest. The weather had cleared up leaving a clear view of the moon.

So, as we ate dinner, we took frequent breaks to check on the status of the eclipse, getting to see the bluish hues at the beginning, the dark brownish-red of the full eclipse, and the bright return to sunlight at the end. I don't know that it was an especially educational experience, but it was a very special family experience.

And if you have the chance, I'm not sure there's a better way to view an eclipse than to see it over the consummate beauty of Lake Tahoe, with your wife and kids at your side.

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