Addiction of the Week: The Slow Cooker

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When we finally moved out of our duplex and into the house where we now reside, I remember thinking, "How did we ever survive without a washer and dryer?" My husband went one further. "This dishwasher may just save our marriage."

Then we got used to having those conveniences. I went back to work when Nate was 15-months-old and soon the new battleground became dinners. Who was home to make them? And who kept burning the garlic?

This past Christmas, my two awesome girlfriends (incidentally, moms met through blogging) gave me a Crock Pot. It seemed so old fashioned at first. Like something that should have gone out of style with Tupperware parties. But the instant we tasted our first slow-cooked turkey chilli, we were hooked. "This may just save our marriage," my husband uttered again.

(Hmmm... maybe we should explore this idea of needing appliances to aid our marital woes...)

Now we can't stop. This week alone I made this split pea soup with ham hock, then modified this Jamie Oliver recipe for minestrone the next day, reusing the ham hock instead of bacon. (It was a BIG ham hock.) Tonight we're having braised beef ribs with sautéed spinach on the side. I love cooking with wine on a Friday night!

So now that I'm converted, enlighten me. What slow cooker recipes are you loving? Though it's saving my marriage, not sure if it's saving my waistline with all these fatty cuts of meat. Got any lo-cal or veggie suggestions?

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