Hello Kitty Gun, With Real Bullets

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I ran across this video on CNN.com and was, in a word, shocked. Real guns, real bullets, painted pink with Hello Kitty emblems on them.

My personal feelings about guns aside, I have to seriously wonder what adult would want a Hello Kitty gun to begin with, but even more seriously - just by looking at it - what child would not think this was a toy?

Yes, when we were children we played with toy guns. We played cops and robbers, pretended we were characters from movies or the wild west. We owned pretend light sabers and thought we were in Star Wars. It did not make me grow up wanting to own a real gun or harm or shoot someone. I do believe it is fair to say that in general, children are capable of playing with toys that look like weapons without causing any permanent psychological damage. On the flip side though, I can not believe that anyone thinks it is acceptable to make weapons that look like toys.

According to the video, the owner of Jim's Gun Supply states that over 75% of the people purchasing these painted weapons are law enforcement officials buying gifts for their wives so they can go to the shooting range. What is even more staggering is how many of these are out there. Do a Google search for Hello Kitty guns and you will find countless varieties.

What's next - a My Little Pony Glock?

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