Saving money: outdated and damaged food?

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How much money do you spend each week on groceries? Does it seem like you are spending more and getting less these days? It sure does for me and as a result, I've really started paying closer attention to which store has lower prices. It used to be that my money went further at Wal-Mart, but lately even that doesn't seem to hold true anymore. Once place I haven't considered grocery shopping is at a surplus store. These stores sell overstocked , outdated, and sometimes damaged merchandise at a discount.

I was actually in a store like that yesterday - Big Lots. I went in to buy some plastic storage bins and noticed there were several aisles of food. Although the shelves were stocked with many of the same items I normally buy and the prices were lower, I didn't buy anything. My hesitance was based mostly on my ignorance. Why are they selling the same stuff cheaper than the regular store? According to their Web site, the inventory at Big Lots comes from manufacturers who need to reduce inventory due to overstocking, package changes, canceled orders, discontinued items, or product testing. I didn't check expiration dates, but the company guarantees the freshness of the food they sell. Other stores, like Amelia's, offer items that are outdated or damaged as well as first quality items.

Although driving around to several different stores to get what I need might ultimately offset any money I might save, I am going to reconsider my reluctance to buy at these discount merchandisers. According to this article, I am not the only one looking for cheaper alternatives when food shopping. What about you? Are you doing anything to reduce your grocery bill each month?

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