Dwell bedding line now at Target

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When looking for bedding sets for my son's crib, I admired from afar the gorgeous modern designs from DwellStudio. However, at over $400 a set, I just couldn't come around to the purchase. Heck, I don't have sheets that nice, and I don't wet the bed.

Now cheap parents like me everywhere can have our good design and afford it too. Dwell has partnered with Target to bring a line of baby room decor, nursery furniture, and infant clothing to the masses. Collections are available with bedding, rugs, lamps, cribs, gliders, and even wall decor. They seem to have the same artistic flair as their deluxe line, but at a fraction of the cost. Three-piece crib sets come in at $80, and layette gift collections will set you back less than $25.

I hear hip parents everywhere scanning these onto their registries. (Beep!)

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