Vincent D'Onofrio has a son!

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In the midst of what seems like it should be baby bearing mayhem due to the birth of JLo's twins yet strangely is not, it should be noted that someone else had a baby too! Actor Vincent D'Onofrio, whose name I can never type let alone pronounce correctly yet who has been a favorite of mine for a long time now, had a baby too.

Well, his wife did, anyway! Vincent and wife Carin Van Der Donk gave birth to a bouncing baby on Valentine's Day. The baby, whose name was not known at press time, joined the couple's eight year old son named Elias and fifteen year old Leila, Vincent's daughter with former wife (and still totally hot) Greta Scacchi. Remember Presumed Innocent? Of course you do.

Vincent has most recently been seen in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but I still love him as Vince Vaughn's brother in The Break-Up and The Cell, in which he co-starred with none other than JLo! Hmm!!!

Congratulations to the couple on their new bundle of joy!

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