Ecstasy laced with meth showing up in high schools

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High school, for me, had its issues. I don't think I'm alone when I say that. But with the exception of a broken law or two here or there (all in good fun, of course), not one of those issues involved the words meth-laced ecstasy. It's enough to keep this overprotective parent up at night.

Drug enforcement officials say that not only is ecstasy use becoming popular again among high schoolers (after enjoying years of decline), but that over half of the ecstasy seized last year was also laced with meth. While ecstasy on its own is far from safe, combining it with highly addictive meth makes both drugs far more dangerous.

Ecstasy is often the most popular drug in a practice called "pharming," where kids throw all their pills in a bowl and take turns reaching in and making their selection.

It's clear to me that when my girls reach high school, it's going to be a whole different place than the one I remember. Let's hear it, parents of teens. How do you keep the lines of communication open with your high schoolers so that you know they're staying safe?

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