John and Kate Plus 8: "Three is the new two"

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I was just watching John and Kate Plus 8 on Oprah when Oprah asked, "Are things easier now that they're three?" Oh how I laughed and laughed. Kate quickly replied that, no, three is in fact not easier than two. Then she said, "Didn't you know? Three is the new two." Exactly.

I'm so glad I'm not the only person that noticed this. My older daughter breezed through her twos, and I a smug, young parent patted myself on the back for my exceptional parenting abilities. Then three came a long and holy hell. I survived on my wits alone and an occasional pint of Ben and Jerry's. And then the sun dawned on a new year; suddenly she was four and completely charming.

My younger daughter will be three in about 6 weeks. She, too, has been a perfectly lovely two, but I can see the tell-tale signs of three showing its face. I'm bracing myself, and thinking of stocking up on a few pints of Half Baked. At least I can comfort myself in the knowledge that I've only got one three-year-old to deal with and not six. I wish them well.

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