Mom drinks her own breast milk

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A quick trip over to lil sugar revealed something I haven't read about in the news or seen on television. A contestant on America's Top Model, run by former model Tyra Banks, has admitted to drinking her own breast milk.

Twenty-four year-old Claire said she'd tasted her own breast milk, and that it tasted like soy milk. I've always heard--mind you, not read, anywhere--that breast milk tastes like melon juice, cantaloupe perhaps. I was never game enough to prove that rumor true (or false, which appears to be the case with contestant Claire).

In the excerpt from the show, Claire discusses pumping while away--like so many of us do--to bring breast milk back to her child for later. Not sure where the tasting comes into play--it's definitely not a requirement!--but there you have it.

For those of you who've never tasted soy milk, apparently it tastes like booby juice.

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