Baby's first haircut

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Now is the time, in my young son's life, and my new life as a mommy, when all the milestones of oohs and ahs are upon us. We're approaching his first birthday, the mark of one year together. It hardly seems possible that he has only been a part of my life for eleven months. Well, if you don't count those nine (ten) months he spent on the inside.

As we prepare for his first birthday, I linger over locks of his gossamer hair--it's so blond it may well have been spun by angels. It is the softest thing I've ever touched besides his cheek. I can hardly stand the thought of cutting it, of separating it from him. Yet, it's grown horribly out of control. It hangs over his ears and will soon be in his eyes if we don't do something about it.

Question is, do we cut it now or wait for the first birthday? I've always heard that old wives tale about waiting until a baby is a year old before cutting his/her hair. Now I don't actually believe that we'll be the recipients of bad luck should we not wait 'til Mr. Pickles hits the year marker before trimming his tresses, but I rather like the old-fashioned notion of tradition.

Getting him to sit still for it is another ball of wax all together.

When did you first cut baby's hair--or did you do it at all? Did you go to a kids' cutters or do it yourself--like in this ADORABLE picture?

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