Electronically eavesdropping on your toddler

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Ok, admit it. When your first baby was born, you hovered constantly between him/her and the baby book of your choice. You noted each milestone (the first poop!) that was reached on time, and obsessed about those milestones that weren't reached within the given time frame. Or am I the only one? (If I am the only one, please note that when my second was born, I hardly cracked a baby book. Does that make me seem less nuts?)

My point is that sometimes we obsess too much, and I think that LENA is evidence of that. LENA tucks into a child's clothing and records the language that they are exposed to throughout the day, as well as the words they speak. Parents can plug LENA into their computer and get a detailed analysis of their child's language development.

As a special education teacher who used to work with kids with language delays, I think a tool like this one could be really helpful in certain populations, especially because early intervention is so important. But if we as parents start bugging our apparently normally developing children every day and obsessing over those numbers...well...I think we'll have finally gone over the deep end.

What do you think?

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