Empty nest? Or just a new kind of nest?

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When my brother was a college student, he didn't have much of a curfew while home on break. My mom knew his friends well and trusted him to get home safely. When I was 21, I finally asked my mom, "How come I still have to be home at 1 A.M. when I'm home for the weekend, but he hasn't had a curfew in years?"

She answered with a smile, "Because you never asked."

Some baby birds are harder to kick out of the nest than others, apparently.

The term "empty nest" is used to describe parents whose children have grown up and left home. It isn't always a positive term, and some parents worry that those years will be painful and difficult as they adjust to their changing role in their children's life.

But a recent telephone poll of 142 couples found that the empty nest may just not feel so empty after all. Parents reported positive feelings about their children becoming independent, as well as the new relationship they had together as parents and adult children. Moms and dads typically both had good feelings about the change, though there were sometimes bumps in the road (like enforcing curfew).

Of course, the parents in the poll didn't have a nest that was exactly empty; each had at least one child still at home. This makes me wonder if this is a true representation or not, so I'd like to do my own non-scientific study. If there are any "empty nesters" out there, reassure those of us who still have little ones at home that this is a time of life we can look forward to!


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