High chairs: When style meets function

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Today saw another milestone, the removal of the booster seats from our kitchen table chairs. I put the boosters on Freecycle and within minutes I was flooded with emails from people wanting them. Kids change so quickly and need so much equipment in these early years, I understand the desire to want to save money anywhere that you can.

My booster seats were the typical plastic kind that strap to the chair, but I love, love, love this design from Frank & Stanimira Rafaschieri. Talk about versatility -- it's a kiddie chair, a high chair, a chair and table. There's so many options here, but never the need to buy more equipment.

Oh, I know. Though I can't seem to find anywhere to buy the piece, I'm sure that I could line every wall of my house with plastic booster seats and still not even come close to the cost of this cool chair. A girl can dream...

Convertible chairs that grow with your child(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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