Jonas Brothers surprise students with concert

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The kids at Kimball Middle School in Elgin, Illinois probably thought they were being summoned to the school gymnasium for another boring-but-good-for-you presentation. What they got was probably the thrill of most of their young lives: the Jonas Brothers performing live just for them!

As part of the kick-off of the Breakfast Breaks campaign promoting healthy eating, the three curly-haired cuties - Nick, Kevin and Joe - performed Year 3000 before 750 screaming students. Breakfast Breaks are snack packs made by General Mills that come complete with a cereal, fruit juice, a spoon, napkin and moist wipe. Breakfast Breaks has partnered with the Jonas Brothers to get the word out about not skipping the most important meal of the day. In addition to other prizes, they are sponsoring a video contest that will give one lucky winner the chance to appear in a Breakfast Breaks commercial with the pop stars themselves! More information on that - as well as a short clip of the gymnasium concert - is here.


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