'Top model' drinks her own breast milk

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Do you watch Tyra Banks' show, America's Next Top Model? I've seen it a few times and my general impression is that it is chock full of, shall we say, interesting people. One of those interesting people is 24-year-old Claire, a breastfeeding mother who wants to be sure she can continue to nurse her 18-month-old daughter when the show is over. Like a lot of mothers who can't be with their nursing infants all the time, she expressed her breast milk. But unlike a lot of mothers, rather than sending the milk home for her baby, she drank it herself.

"I drank my breast milk only during audition week because I did not want to waste it after putting all my effort into making and extracting it. Dumping milk just seems wrong," Claire says. "A mother's milk is like liquid gold, so I also wanted the nutritional value back and to keep my immunity up."

Lactation experts say that the nutritional benefits of drinking one's own breast milk is very small and that it is rarely done. "I've never heard of anything like it," said Dr. Myron Peterson, a pediatrician and director of medical affairs for Cato Research in Boston. "There's no danger to it, but it's just kind of strange."

The first and most obvious question is: why isn't she freezing her breast milk and sending it home? Claire says that she didn't have access to a freezer during that time and just couldn't bear to throw it out. And the second, most obvious question (at least for me) is: what does it taste like? According to Claire, "It tastes kind of like light soy milk."

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