Angelina Jolie addicted to motherhood?

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Although I have been accused by some who don't know me of having a bias against large families, I don't. Where I live, large families are quite common and I see no good reason not to have as many children as you want and can care for. I certainly do not question the motives of these parents who have five, six or even more children.

But some are questioning the motives of a very famous celebrity mom who is in the process of enlarging her family. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rumored to be expecting their fifth child and Jolie has said she might eventually want "between seven and 13 or 14" children.

It's not the size of her family, but Jolie's own history that has at least one psychologist speculating that her 'baby collecting' might be a sign of a deeper problem. Raised by a single mother and estranged from her father, Jolie has been very open about her emotional struggles. She publicly revealed the fact the she used to cut herself and for a time was obsessed with mortuaries. And who can forget the vial of Billie Bob Thornton's blood she proudly wore around her neck when the two were married? Her fluctuating weight and her open-mouthed kiss with her brother add even more fuel to the Angelina-has-issues fire.

"Having kids is a way of self-medicating," psychologist Lara Honos-Webb told "In essence - a distraction and diversion from the inner feeling of emptiness."

Honos-Webb, who has written several books about depression, points to Mia Farrow and Mother Theresa as examples of 'mother earth types' with unrecognized depression. "Things blew up with Mia Farrow, they blew up mental health-wise for Mother Teresa, and that's where Angelina Jolie is headed if she doesn't get help," she says.

Honos-Webb doesn't discard the idea that Jolie truly does want to help others and adopting is one way she goes about doing that. Rather, she wonders what Jolie is avoiding by giving so much of herself to others. "In some ways," she says, "saving the world is easier than facing our own inner world of emptiness."

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