Pregnant Nicole Kidman drinking at Oscars?

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Sources--well, ok, source Cindy Adams of the NY Post, cited by Perez Hilton, are claiming that a pregnant Nicole Kidman was drinking alcoholic beverages at last Sunday's Oscars. The pregnant celebrity, who is expecting a child with country singer Keith Urban, was said to have requested white wine, which she was allegedly given.

What may seem scandalous to us in the states is actually very common in other parts of the world. Pregnant women in other countries drink--especially wine--frequently without anyone batting an eyelash. Here in the states the practice is quite the opposite. If a pregnant woman is seen drinking she generally gets in pretty big trouble.

Thoughts? Comments? Is the concept of not drinking while pregnant (in moderation of course) an antiquated notion, or does everybody else need to get on the wagon with the U.S.?

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