Are you your kids' private chauffeur?

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Kids drive parents crazy; parents drive kids everywhere else. I drive Jared and Sara a lot of places. I drive them to school in the morning and home in the evening. I drive them to their Acrosports classes on Saturdays and swim lessons on Sundays. I drive them to friends' houses and to museums and to doctors' appointments and anywhere else they might want or need to go.

According to research carried out by the UK's Automobile Association (their version of our AAA), parents rack up more than 1,500 miles each year, driving their kids around. One in five parents hit more than 2,000 miles each year. By their calculations, that adds up to between three and four thousand pounds -- $6,000 to $7,500 US dollars.

"Most parents accept that being a chauffeur is part of their parental job description. But our research proves they really go that extra mile to ensure their children can get around," explains Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance. He is quick to note, however, that "with the car at the centre of family life, it is vital that parents make sure they are properly protecting their most precious cargo."

I'm sure we rack up at least that many miles each year. In fact, other than going to work, driving the kids around is about all the driving we do. What about you? What kind of mileage do you accumulate on behalf of your kids?


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