Woman gives birth on train

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With the stories we hear of women giving birth in taxis and other forms of transportation on the way to the hospital, etc., it should come as no surprise to hear the story of a woman giving birth on a train. Needless to say, however, the mother was quite surprised, given her daughter was not due for another two months.

Bhuri Kalbi of India said not only did she not realize she'd given birth when she went to the bathroom on the train, but also that the baby had sadly slipped down the toilet, and, as a result, onto the train tracks below. What could have ended as a terribly sad story, however, has turned out to have a have a happy one after all.

The birth itself was so quick Kalbi didn't even notice. She fainted and then, when she awakened, immediately notified her family. The train was stopped and attendants from a nearby station were alerted. The baby was found uninjured on a bunch of pebbles.

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