Because sleep deprivation isn't miserable enough on its own

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I wouldn't say I'm on a diet, exactly, but I'm going through the process of changing my pregnancy eating habits -- which can best be described as "if it contains fat, salt, sugar, or preferably all three at the same time, eat until maternity pants self-destruct" -- and embracing depressing sensible food choices such as nonfat cottage cheese. Sigh.

There are many pitfalls to overcome when you have two small children and you're trying to lose weight. First of all, there's the Reward Factor, where at the end of the day you feel like you've served back-to-back tours of 'Nam and is it really too much to ask to have just one goddamned bowl of ice cream? With cookies crumbled into it and maybe also some Pringles? There's also the Convenience Factor, which has to do with being cramped for time and having to eat over the sink while simultaneously warming a bottle and wiping up a juice spill with your foot -- that one makes preparing a nice salad far more cumbersome than, say, devouring several handfuls of Triscuits and a Red Bull.

Perhaps my biggest challenge so far is the Leftover Child's Food Factor, where I have a mini-standoff with the remnants of my toddler's meal. I certainly don't mind taking a pass on something hideous like a Gerber's "Pasta Pick-Up" (grah, why does he like those things?), but a handful of Annie's goldfish crackers, the last few spoonfuls of his macaroni and cheese, or the rind of his PB&J? Sometimes on the way to the garbage or a tupperware they somehow get lost. IN MY MOUTH.

I guess one solution to that problem would be to make sure his meals always feature vegetables and fruit instead of crackers and sugar, but really, why should we both suffer?

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