The side effects of spanking

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Spanking. It's definitely old-school, but in many parenting circles, it's still around. Parents who use it claim that it's the only way to demand respect, to get kids to pay attention and listen, especially in today's modern culture. Critics call it abuse and say that spanking a child doesn't teach them anything about their misbehavior.

New research has found that there's one more reason to reconsider spanking. Adults who reported being spanked as a child were much more likely to participate in risky sex or have other sexual problems as adults. Though it's nearly impossible to study an issue like spanking in the same way you'd study, oh, the effects of vitamin C on colds, experts agree this new research is consistent with other studies done on the issue.

What's appalling to me is that there are over 20 states in the nation who still allow teachers to spank. I understand that parents parent in a multitude of ways, but children should expect to feel safe when they go to school. Even if I was a spanker (and I'm not), I'd never let another person dole out that kind of punishment. What do you think?

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