Sawmill worker and family man wins a million bucks

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We Canadians have this thing for hockey -- or "ice hockey" as I've heard Americans refer to it -- it's kind of a weird national obsession that I can't explain. In University I actually took a history course that talked about hockey as an inherent part of the Canadian cultural identity, something to do with long winters and outdoor rinks and the inherent Canadianism of smashed-in teeth and toques.

Anyway, on the way to an early morning flight earlier this week, I heard a story on the radio about an unassuming father from small-town Saskatchewan who, against all odds, had just won a million dollars in a hockey shootout at an NHL game. The odds sounded kind of impossible.

35-year-old Darwin Head was chosen out of over 8 million entries to take part in a contest at a National Hockey League game -- he had to score 15 goals in 30 seconds from halfway across a large arena. To make it even more impossible, he was provided only 20 pucks to score those goals.

But Head proved all doubters wrong. Practicing incessantly, and enlisting the tutledge of hockey legend Bobby Orr, Head shot with laser precision: 15 goals in 24 seconds.

I'm not usually overly emotional, but the way they described the scene on the radio actually made me teary for the dude: a hardworking dude with a normal wife and kids, who intends to keep working and use the money for his children's education. His wife started screaming as she ran on to the ice to hug her hockey-sweatered husband, who looked completely stunned by his own victory.

You don't hear these kinds of stories often enough. Good for you, Darwin Head. And awesome for your family.

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