What's in your wallet?

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Before I had kids, I carried a very simple wallet. It held a few cards and that was it. It didn't even fold; it was basically just one side of a folding wallet. On one side, there was a plastic slot for a driver's license while the other had about three slots for credit cards and such. Down the middle was another pocket for cards. It was simple, compact, and easy.

Back then, I didn't need to carry much. I had my driver's license, a credit card and an ATM card, my Costco card and my AAA card (important if you own a Land Rover). That was it. I carried my cash loose in my pocket, along with receipts. The idea was to keep it small and light and not carry anything I absolutely didn't need.

Now that I have kids, however, all that has changed. I've switched to a bi-fold wallet and added a fair number of items to it. There's the zoo membership card, the children's museum card, and a library card. I've got discount cards from the lego store and the children's shoe store. I carry my health insurance card now because you never know when the kids will need it and I get sick more often now.

I also keep a stash of emergency cash tucked away in there -- I don't have quite the same options of walking home in the middle of the night or crashing in an abandoned house that I once did. I have to be more responsible about saving receipts, not just because kids are expensive and we need every tax deduction we can get, but also because I need to be able to turn any health-care-related ones in for reimbursement.

All this results in a bigger, thicker, and heavier wallet and, believe me, I notice it. Has your wallet expanded since having kids? What do you keep in it that you didn't before?

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