Help! Mom is drowning in toys

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My children own far too many toys. I can't really pinpoint when it became out of control. First, there were just two or three baskets spread throughout the house, and now we are drowning in them. I rarely actually purchase a toy (new) for them myself, unless it's a special occasion, so it must be their grandmothers' fault. I may have to create a rule -- "If you bring a toy in, you must take two out with you."

I know I'm not the only one. In fact, Kristin recently wrote about Lori Popes, who started Baby Plays, a toy rental service. Baby Plays runs much like the DVD service Netflix does -- pay a flat subscription fee and have a new set of toys delivered to your door every three months.

We're really too far gone to take advantage of Lori's service now, but I've read about a system that just might save us yet. Some organizational experts recommend having three or four tubs of toys in rotation at all times. Bring out a tub, and when your kids get bored, pack the toys up and bring out a different one. Apparently with kids, when it's out of sight, it's out of mind and the toys feel new again. Has anyone ever tried this? Is it worth my effort next time I weed through our toy boxes?

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