Students get detention for paying with pennies

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Some people collect pennies in jars, some use them to make art, and some people actually use them to pay for things. Unfortunately, using pennies to pay for lunch at Readington Middle School in New Jersey can get you in trouble.

It seems that 29 eighth-graders got together and decided to all pay for their $2 lunches last Thursday with pennies. But when they all showed up with pennies in hand, the lunch ladies were not amused. "When the lunch ladies caught wind that we were all trying to pay in pennies, they were very aggravated and thought they were disrespected," says student Amanda Wolfenden.

Superintendent Dr. Jorden Schiff agrees that it was disrespectful to the lunch aides and the other students. "I don't think it was their intention to do much harm, but there's consequences for the behavior when other kids are inconvenienced that way and couldn't get through the lunch line," Schiff said. "Or the lunch ladies having to count thousands of pennies." He gave all the students involved two-day detentions.

The students think the punishment is unfair and say that they were just trying to make the point that the 30-minutes they are allowed for lunch isn't long enough. "There's no rule in the rule book that states that pennies can't be used to buy lunches," eighth-grader Sarah Henschel said. "We never thought they would do this. We thought they would give us a silent lunch or just yell at us."

Some parents also think a two-day detention for paying with pennies is too harsh. What do you think?

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