Pregnancy 2, electric boogaloo

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Well, if there is one thing I have to say about the second round of pregnancy, it's that those digital pregnancy tests really work. I mean, they're accurate. Say what you will about the faint blue line, but when I forked over what seemed like a king's ransom to get the digital version, I had no idea what I was getting into.

When you pee on the digital stick there's no question. For me it was blaring loud and clear: PREGNANT. When I looked under the washcloth to see what was there (yes, I'm a chicken, and I hid the test under a washcloth while I was waiting those interminable two minutes) I shrieked "Oh God!" and jumped as though there was a tarantula under there. But there was no such thing, only a positive--and I mean POSITIVE--pregnancy test.

Still, I wasn't so sure. It said I was but hey--it could be a chemical pregnancy. It could not stick. It could be--well, in my mind it could have been a lot of things. My friends laughed at me. When it says yes, you are. I think I wasn't prepared for the sticker shock, if you know what I mean. I didn't think it would be that...easy to get preggers a second time.

With my first, it took forever to get and stay pregnant. We tried a long time, then we didn't. We had a miscarriage. We stopped trying. Then, we started again. In a few months--bam--there was that blue line. Then there was a heartbeat. Finally, there was a sonogram and the telltale signs it was a boy, and then, a few months after that, a brand new baby.

It was--and is--a miracle. The process, the pregnancy, the waiting game, the birth, all of it. My son, a miracle. A gift. The most amazing single thing that's ever happened to me. And it took so long to get him I just thought the trip down that same road would take nearly as long. But it didn't. We weren't using protection because, hey, if we got pregnant, that would be great. If we didn't we were going to seriously start trying after our much-anticipated vacation to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. The one where I was planning on boozing it up a little bit. Hmm.

We never thought that one time we didn't use anything would be THE time. Well, as we all know it only takes one time when the timing is right. And I guess it was. So here we go on that crazy odyssey that is pregnancy, again.

Unexpected? Yes? Unbelievable? A little? But we are so, so, so happy. We saw a heartbeat today--just seven or so weeks in. That familiar blink on the sonogram screen. A miracle, a gift. How should we be so lucky as to get two miracles? Some things are better left to fate, I guess.

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