Bunny tangrams!

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My husband and I are such geeks that we have a set of tangrams in the house and are far too proud of it. We both remember being introduced to them sometime in the fourth grade, fascinated then and now by how such simple shapes can make for such challenging puzzles. (Incidentally, we were in the same fourth grade classroom, which makes us not just geeks, but also FREAKS.)

Just in time for Easter, Family Fun magazine has published a how-to for bunny shaped tangrams, complete with printable templates. It's my kind of craft -- all you need is a computer with a printer, some paper and scissors. These would look adorable as shown, tucked into an Easter basket. Plus, they might just keep the kids occupied long enough for you to sneak a piece of that chocolate bunny you swore you wouldn't eat.

(And just in case you were worried, they also give you the answer key.)

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