Second Pregnancy- is it Different from the First?

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Ok, now I know I'm only like ten minutes pregnant, but I swear I can already feel a HUGE difference between my first pregnancy and this one. I'm wondering if that's normal--that a lot of second pregnancies are dramatically different from the first--or if they're essentially repeats of one another. My guess is the answer lies somewhere in between.

With my first I could hardly tell I was pregnant. For a long, long time, neither could anyone else. I was extremely lucky that I didn't have any morning sickness, ever. I might've felt lightheaded for about an hour one day, but that was it. I started to fill out but no one knew I was pregnant until the end of my fifth month. I didn't really look pregnant until my seventh.

This time around things seem like they're going to be dramatically different. I can barely concentrate I'm so lightheaded. I also can't seem to keep a grip on anything. And I'm starving and dehydrated all the time. I've started waking up in the middle of the night, every night, to pee. None of this happened to me with round one until I was at least into my second trimester, if at all.

Now I'm tired and having cravings and a teensy bit nauseous. A pal says the same thing happened to her and that it had to do (she thinks) with the fact that her first was a boy and her second a girl. Something about changing hormones from one sex to the other.

Any thoughts on this? Were your pregnancies the same or different? And did things change from one sex to the other?

Nausea pic by crucifixion cruise.

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